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Accommodation in Bangkok

We decided to book a hotel or condo before coming to Bangkok, because we understood that after a long flight, the search for a place to stay would not be an easy one. So, using websites such as and, we started looking for an accommodation. It turned out that many of the hotels and condominiums do not accept guests with children. The key point for us was the location – we wanted a hotel or condo located close to the metro, so that we could easily get to any place in the city. The search was long, because we checked every place we liked on the map, then “walked” down the district with the help of Google Earth. Many of the condominiums, which we liked, were pretty easy to find on the map.

We chose an inexpensive hotel called Ton Aor with a nice little fountain at the entrance. We booked a room for three – with one single and one double bed. From the airport to this hotel, we drove about 30 minutes. The hotel is located near the metro station Suthisan. Together with the children we reach the station within 10 minutes.

For the five days of stay, we paid 4000 baht. The staff at reception staff speaks English. But it feels like they have learned some of the most common phrases – but that’s all. Dealing with them was not easy – they either did not understand us, or were unable to express their thoughts.
Ton AorOur room at Ton Aor was on the 4th floor. There was an unpleasant surprise waiting for us – the room had no windows. Basically, since the rooms are air conditioned here, you don’t have to open the windows, but still the absence of those somehow “presses” on you. The hotel room was small – a bed occupies almost the entire space. There was a television, a refrigerator, the air conditioner, a small table and two chairs. There was also a small bathroom with a wash basin and a shower. The Internet was very weak, especially in the evenings. It often happened that it stopped working at all, or was terribly slow. Another drawback was that during the middle of the night or late in the evening in the corridor someone was walking and talking loudly or laughing – people came and left and made a lot of noise. So on the fourth day of our stay we were actively looking for a place where we could stay for a longer period. We went to a lot of condominiums in the area. Their cost has ranged from 5 to 26 thousand baht. It turned out that finding a place for a month is problematic. Everyone wants to sign a contract for six months or a year with a deposit of 2 months. In our hotel the room rate was per month – 9000 baht + electricity, water and internet. For 26 thousand baht there was a modern complex with a pool and a glass elevator. The apartment itself consisted of two rooms and a kitchen area – very good, but expensive.

It turned out that right behind Ton Aor there was a condo at a reasonable price and with more normal conditions. The name of this place is Grand Living Place. The girl at the reception does not speak English, so we had to communicate by phone, which she gave me, with a man and a woman, who had some knowledge of the language. We were shown a few rooms on the eighth floor with a huge bed and a sofa. Each room has air conditioning, a refrigerator and a shower room. We decided to stay here. The rooms are bigger and they also have a small balcony that we really enjoyed. The Internet is much faster. It is stable and does not break even in the evening. It is quiet and peaceful, and the cost was just 7,500 baht per month + 500 baht for high speed internet access (per month). When we leave, we will pay for utilities – electricity and water (over the counter). In addition, we paid a deposit of 10 thousand baht. The money is returned to us when we check out. A deposit is required in all condos, and if you have not broken any furniture and do not mess up in the end of the contract you will get back the entire amount. We signed a contract for a month.
Grand Living Place Grand Living Place

Grand Living Place
View from the balcony of our room at Grand Living Place
Grand Living Place
View from the balcony of our room at Grand Living Place

Conclusion: for a long period of time, you can quickly find an accommodation and for a reasonable price. However, if you plan to stay here for a month or less, and especially with children, be prepared to pay quite a lot,  or spend a lot of time looking for a low-budget option. Although we eventually found a condo right next to the hotel that we originally booked, a three day search of the area of the apartments and condos found only that one place, unfortunately.

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