Ice Age 5

“Ice Age: Collision course” at Esplanade Cineplex

Watching movies is our big passion, family hobby I would say. We hardly miss a premiere of a new animation, so we are lucky, since Bangkok cinemas undoubtedly can offer lots of opportunities for movie lovers.

As you know, recently the new “Ice Age” appeared in the cinemas all over the world. I can’t say this is our favorite franchise, especially taking into account that it’s the fifth part of it, but kids were really keen on watching it, so we could do nothing, but go and watch it. We chose the cinema which is closest to our place – Esplanade Cineplex. It is located on the 4th floor of the shopping mall Esplanade on Ratchadapisek Road, Ding Daeng district. It is just a few minutes walk from Thailand Cultural center MRT  station.  It usually offers cheap tickets on Wednesdays. However, even the weekend tickets can be as cheap  as 120 baht if it’s a morning showtime. Tickets can be booked online, purchased at ticket boxes or directly at the cinema cashier. We love the atmosphere there. Red sofas and chairs, dimly lit corridor and bright posters on the walls. Great design for the cinema. The theaters are fine with pretty comfortable chairs. We already got used to the long advert before the film. It’s a good chance to watch trailers of upcoming movies (and decide which premiere we will see next) and also practice out poor Thai listening skills, coz most ads are in Thai. After the national anthem (yes-yes, everybody has to stand up while it’s playing) we finally get to see that restless squirrel and it’s beloved acorn.

Ice Age 5
Ice Age 5

“Ice Age 5” is a new cosmic comedy and all those well known and truly loved from previous 4 parts of the franchise characters are going to save the planet and at the same time survive an upcoming catastrophe. Despite the massive critics coming from the science experts and history lovers, the film is easy and fun to watch. Even if it gets the title of the most scientifically inaccurate movie of all times, it still has the portion of funny jokes, some opera singing from Buck, eternal questions of parents-children relationship, a couple breathtaking special effects and of course a happy-end. And this seems to be enough, especially for younger spectators. Our kids enjoyed each of those 100 minutes of “Ice age”. It is pretty fun for adults, too, but, honestly, this should be the last part. 5 is a good number, isn’t it?

So, all of us were happy and satisfied after the film was over. We had a great time. We walked around a little bit and ended up at one of the restaurants on the ground floor which offered amazingly appetizing steaks, mashed potato and kiwi juice. That was a really nice family day.

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