The way to Bangkok

We started our journey in the early morning on one of the first days of February. On the eve all the snow in our native Dnepropetrovsk melted, it was damp and cool. At the station we did not have to wait for a long time – our train with the fashionable name Intercity arrived on time. We took our seats in joyful anticipation of all of the unforgettable adventures that awaited us ahead.

In the first half an hour almost the entire stock of provisions had been eaten, the contents of a small backpack with Princess on it were taken out and put back in, all the dolls were brushed, a couple of math tasks were solved. We only needed to feed Talking Tom on our iPad, but there were still more than four hours travel to Kiev ahead of us. As our son admitted later, the trip on the train was the most difficult (despite the fact that the flight was much longer and took about nine hours).

the way to Bangkok

Finally, we arrived at the capital. It was about 1 pm. Kiev greeted us with snow and puddles. We immediately got wet feet, but we had to have lunch and we coped easily with that. At the station, we called a taxi, which in 15 minutes took us to Juliani airport The taxi cost us 48 hryvnia. At the airport we had to wait for ages. Our flight to Domodedovo was at 6:50 pm, so we had to spend more than four hours at the airport. We coped with that as well. When the registration finally started, we were among the first in a line, registered the luggage and went to the second floor for passport control. We had to remove our outerwear and put it in a tray. You might need two or three trays, depending on how many things you have. We were also asked whether we have any electronic devices in our hand luggage. We had to take everything out: laptops, photo camera, tablet and phones. And we had to put all of those in a separate tray. Everything was checked quickly except the bag, where I “managed” to put a cream that was250 ml. It turns out, that you can take no more than 200ml on the plane. I was told that I could put it in our suitcase, which of course we had already checked in, so I had to say goodbye to the cream. We were allowed to take water for the children, we had a small plastic bottle. We did not need to declare anything. We were asked how much cash we had, and since we had a little, we were allowed to go to the passport control, which we passed in a few minutes.

Our flight was delayed a little – about half an hour, and these last minutes seemed the longest. Probably because we have not experienced that yet and due to the fact that in Domodedovo we had a flight change. We did not know what happens in such cases, when the flight is delayed and then a change is needed. In general, our flight lasted for about an hour, and when we arrived at Domodedovo, boarding for the flight to Bangkok had been already going on for a few minutes. By the way, in Kiev, we were given two boarding passes – for Domodedovo and for Bangkok. We went by bus from the plane to the airport building, it was pretty cold, but you just need to be patient for 10-15 minutes. These were the last minutes when we needed outerwear. At Domodedovo we quickly passed passport control and rushed to our plane, because we heard the notice asking all the passengers traveling to Bangkok to hurry up. We didn’t go out of the airport Domodedovo, we walked through the corridor from the airport to the plane. This airplane was much bigger. I would say it was enormous! We took four seats in the center row. The flight was delayed for about half an hour. We took off and 20 minutes later we smelled food))) They served the dinner, which was very much appreciated, because the children were terribly hungry, despite the fact that they had some tea during the flight from Kiev to Moscow. We ate and drank. Everything was quite tasty. Then the movie was turned on, there were many TV-screens hanging around the cabin, we could plug in our headphones and watch, but we chose not to. The children could not sleep for a long time. The flight was smooth, no turbulence. Basically, all the passengers, having finished the dinner, fell asleep. We joined them at about 1 am)) However, because of all the worrying and so many new impressions it was very difficult to get to sleep.

In the morning, soon after breakfast, our captain said that in half an hour we would land in Bangkok. Soon we could see houses and green patches of land from the windows. We landed safely at about 1 pm local time (5 hours ahead Kiev time). We had to stand in a long queue at passport control. On the plane, we filled out the arrival card, but it turned out that children also need to complete that, so we had to do that at the airport. We had to wait about 30 minutes for our turn, but the process of passport control only took a few minutes. The officer checked our passports, took a photo and we were allowed to go on and pick up our suitcases. All signs at the airport are in Thai and in English. To understand exactly where to look for your luggage, you need to look at the board, which displays the flight number and the corresponding number of a baggage claim. We quickly found our bags and started to look for a taxi. At the airport we found a taxi stand, where the girls tried to offer us a taxi of elite class. And, I’m not sure that they understood exactly where we needed to go – they had a long discussion in Thai concerning our address, which we had written in a notebook in English in advance. So, this elite taxi would have cost us 1300 baht. We thanked the girls and went down to the first floor, following the signs with the word TAXI. Coming out of the airport building, we saw that at the exit there was a long line, but it moved quickly and the passengers received their taxis very quickly. You just have to say the number of people who will go, and the young man or woman presses the right buttons on a small machine. Then you get a slip that indicates which place you need to wait for your taxi.

A little pink taxi was waiting for us. By the way, it was just what our daughter was dreaming of. Dreams do come true! The taxi driver spoke English, but not very well. He did not know the street where we had to go. We gave him our hotel phone number, he called and spoke to the staff in Thai, and then we started the ride. It took about half an hour to get there and the taxi driver charged us 430 baht. By the way, the price is displayed on the meter, so you can watch how baht by baht is added for every kilometer which you have ridden. The taxi driver was very nice and even gave us a brochure with a safari park, advising us to visit it with our children.

Here we are!!! Well, hello sunny Bangkok!


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