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Bangkok subway in the morning

Today I was lucky enough to ride the subway at seven-thirty in the morning, and I must say, this trip was not the same as the previous ones. As in any big city at this time of day there were a lot of people – a crowd of Thais))) But still there was no discomfort. Although there was very little space, I could breathe freely — it was even fun to watch everything going on.

Many people were reading books or magazines while others were chatting with someone or looking through the news on social networks on their smartphones. Someone was “stuck” to the TV screen, which showed some bright advertising of energy drinks and new ringtones, and someone closed his eyes wearily, perhaps, not  having woken up yet. In general, there was nothing surprising. Everything was the same as in any other underground. People go to work or to study. But still, I remember some oppressive, melancholy feeling that I had at the Kiev Metro. There is nothing like that here. I do not know why.

I came out of the subway – I have to interchange with Sky Train. I didn’t immediately realize that I was moving in a line. On my left and on my right were the same neat rows. People were moving pretty fast, but simultaneously. There was no chaos, no pushing. It was even breathtaking. You feel like a part of the whole, something large and amazing.

There were also a lot of people in the Sky Train. Our train stopped between stations twice. The announcement let us know that because of heavy traffic the train was delayed. They apologized. No worries. Nobody was going to be late, because we only had to wait for just a couple of minutes, and during this time you could enjoy the breathtaking view from the window. I think I will never get tired of looking at these magnificent buildings, palm trees and the road leading away somewhere deep into Bangkok. What beauty!
the view from the sky train window
So, I do not have time to collect myself, as we are on the move again . Here is the terminal station Bang Wa. By the way, it is not too hard to remember these names, although on first arrival you feel dizzy because of it. It seemed quite impossible to remember anything. But it’s a temporary feeling. On the second day you begin to navigate the subway, to remember names of districts and streets, and by the third day you feel almost like you are at home)
Bang Wa
Surprisingly, today, the taxi driver did not drive in circles, even though his English was even worse than the previous one. He immediately guessed where I needed to go. However, on the road several times he clarified whether we were going straight ahead. Actually all that was required – was to go straight along a huge road, never deviating, which he safely managed to do. The taxi cost me 89 baht. The drive took about 10 minutes. That’s it.

The clock showed 9:30. The morning chill out was leaving giving way to the usual heat. Although it does not feel like a tedious heat. At 30 degrees, you feel pretty comfortable. Probably because they have air conditioning everywhere, in transport as well. It is cool and nice everywhere. I hope to have a good day.
Скай трейн

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