The Dusit Zoo

If you come to Bangkok with children, Dusit Zoo is certainly one of the first places in the list of attractions to visit. In Thai that sounds like สวนสัตว์ดุสิต. We were very impressed. Our children loved it, as did my husband and I.

How to get there?

The trip to the zoo did not take us very long time. We decided to use the airport branch of the Sky Train, arrived at the station Phaya Thai, and from there took a taxi to the zoo. It is also possible to get to Siam station and take a taxi from there. Time and payment weren’t any  different. The taxi ride took 20 minutes, taking into account traffic jams. We paid about 80 baht.

As it turns out, Dusit Zoo is the oldest zoo in Bangkok and, consequently, the most popular one. Indeed, there were many visitors: foreigners, married couples with children and entire groups of pupils and preschool children accompanied by their teachers and educators. The entrance ticket for an adult costs 150 baht, for a child older than three years – 70 baht. Kids up to three years old are admitted into the zoo for free. At the entrance you are given a free map of the zoo – it will help you in the future, because the zoo is really huge, and you, of course, do not want to miss anything.

Dusit Zoo
As soon as we entered, we were “greeted” by the giraffes and zebras. Surprisingly, our daughter wanted to see the giraffes most of all. It seems that her thoughts tend to materialize quite often lately) Incredibly beautiful animals! Then we could enjoy watching a variety of monkeys of amazing colors – they looked as if they were wearing boots. They are very funny, and our children loved watching them. We moved on. In spacious enclosures the deer and roe deer walked. And here is the “calling card” of the zoo – a white tiger. Surprisingly, his enclosure doesn’t have a high fence or mesh. It can be seen up close, and I got goose bumps. Nearby, in the fenced enclosure we can see his orange and black relatives and lions.

Dusit ZooDusit Zoo
There is also a terrarium with crocodiles, turtles, chameleons and spiders with scary hairy paws. And there’s a huge bird island, where we are left speechless because of the varied colors and amazingly beautiful birds. There are magnificent parrots – words can not describe those. And then there are the penguins – yes, yes, the real ones. There are special conditions created for them here. They can swim in a special aquarium, or just relax on the land. We “caught” them while doing that. However, one of the most interested (or the hungriest one) came up to the glass and started to actively “communicate” with our kids, who were wildly excited. They were above heaven and really crazy about the fact that he watched them and ran from side to side, repeating their movements.

Dusit ZooDusit ZooEverything you need for a comfortable visit can be found here – there are buses that can travel around the zoo, one can rent a bicycle or a pram. By the way, we took a bike with a handle for my daughter, – it cost just 100 baht. You can ride for 2 hours, and you have to leave 500 baht deposit, which is given back to you as soon as you return a “vehicle” in a safe and sound condition. This little bike came in very handy, because by the time we reached the place, we were absolutely exhausted – because our daughter was tired and we had to constantly carry her.

In addition, the zoo has a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can eat and, of course, have a cool drink and eat ice cream. There is even a 7-Eleven shop.

Dusit ZooDusit ZooAnother joy for the kids is a great playground, where we spent a lot of time, because there are some slides and swings, and a seesaw. We had to try everything, and each for several times.

Dusit ZooDusit ZooDusit Zoo
The flora is enchanting. However, this is what I like so much in Bangkok – in all its parks and squares. There are magnificent palm trees with vines, bushes and gentle creative flower beds! I could spend hours talking about all this beauty, but it is better to see it all by yourself) A very beautiful view opens from the lake, located in the center of the zoo. By the way, you can ride a catamaran. Do not worry if the huge lizard with a blue tongue crosses the road just in front of you. He is likely to be going to the water, and you can see how he jumps into it and swims to the boat in the middle of the lake, and if you’re lucky, you can take a couple of shots at that moment. However, after reading the information on the label, I was on the alert, because it said that the giant lizards can bite. Whether this is done to ensure that small (and adult) visitors do not bother the animals, or these reptiles can be really dangerous, is unknown. We did not check))))

Dusit ZooDusit ZooFor 10 baht you can visit a small aquarium. There are very beautiful fish, which you can even feed.
Dusit ZooDusit Zoo
They also have a show of seals and sea lions – but we did not attend that because we were too tired. But we heard a loud applause and the cheers of children. The zoo also has a museum, which presents preserved animals, skeletons and dummies. There is also an installation devoted to World War II and a small shelter where a few sculptures “hide”.

There is even an ATM-elephant. Very creative)))

Dusit ZooWe spent about four hours at the zoo after which, happy and tired, we went home. It is worth noting that all animals are well-groomed, the grounds of the zoo are nice and neat. Some cages are under construction, so we were not able to see the elephants and some other animals when we visited, but the advertisement posters say that they will return soon)) Thus, there is a reason to visit this wonderful zoo again. I’d really love to come here again, because I had so many positive emotions and vivid impressions, as well as our kids. Dusit Zoo is a great place worthy of attention, and on the list of attractions for children, I would have put it first.

Dusit ZooDusit ZooDusit Zoo

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