Thai food. What to start with?

Thai food is an important part of the country’s culture, and this in particular had worried me a lot before we arrived in Bangkok. The reputation for Thai food is that it is quite spicy. I must say that I do not eat spicy food – I just do not like spicy food, and that’s it. The same can be said about my daughter. However, she is still small, and we haven’t offered spicy food for her to try before. I was worried that I would not be able to eat properly due to thinking that everything would be extra spicy, but as it turned out, my fears were unfounded. So, first things first, I will write another post which will be devoted to Thai street food, but here I want to share information for tourists who have just arrived in Thailand and are not prepared for too rapid a change in their diet.

Let’s start with the fact that there are small shops, 7-Eleven, located throughout the city. As the name implies, these shops open at 7 am and they work until 11pm. Here you can buy ready-made meals that they warm up for you. They offer rice with chicken or pork, rice with vegetables, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, and even soup. Everything is very tasty, and there are some dishes which are not spicy at all – just what choosy tourists like my daughter and I need. Our son, who is eight years old, is happy to eat spicy food – for him it is not a problem. My favorite dish from the 7 Eleven – is rice with scrambled eggs and shrimp. Yum! The cost of meals varies from 25 to 65 baht. Ordinary rice can be purchased for 15 baht. The portions are large. We usually have two or three (if we are really hungry) portions for four people.

7 Eleven

7 Eleven7 Eleven7 Eleven7 ElevenAlso in the store you can buy a variety of sandwiches, delicious scones and muffins, biscuits, waffles and chocolates. Furthermore, there is a dairy department where you can buy a variety of yogurts, sweet milk, chocolate drinks, etc. The average 830 ml plastic bottle of pasteurized milk costs 45 baht. Expensive, if converted into rubles or hryvnia. But our children are very fond of it, especially with cereal. And the taste of it is not what we are used to having at home. Even I liked it, although I never drink mil)) Also in the fridge you can find packaged and sliced fruit and corn but we prefer to buy those on the street – it seems they are fresher there. The price is not any different.

7 Eleven7 Eleven7 ElevenWhat else can you buy at 7 Eleven? There is a small department of household products: soaps, powders, shampoos, toothpastes and brushes. For Pantene shampoo you pay 35 baht, and baby soap will cost about 15 baht.

There are machines with cola-Fanta-sprite, as well as cold and hot coffee. There are bottled drinks, many different energy drinks and water. At the cashier you can buy alcohol and cigarettes, but the cigarette packages demonstrate such terrible pictures, that it seems to me, even heavy smokers would not want to smoke after seeing them. By the way, on our street we have not seen a single smoker. In public places, smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden, and these rules are followed here, in contrast to our country.

At the checkout you can pay by cash or by credit card with a help ofa terminal. Staff does not speak English, they usually can only say how much you have to pay in English, or just point to the screen that displays the payment. They also will suggest you warm up your food in Thai, while pointing towards the microwave, so you can just nod, and that’s it. In short, it is convenient and quick to eat here, what we do every day. On our part of the street alone within a radius of 70 meters there are three such stores. And in other areas of the city, there are plenty of them. So, the shops of that company are very convenient. If you are looking for variety or something “extraordinary”, then you need to go to the large supermarkets, shopping malls, or if you want to visit fruit paradise go ahead and visit the local street markets. However, fruits here are sold on almost every corner. They are cut with a huge knife and laid out in bags. It is very convenient to eat them, impaling them on a skewer. One such bag costs 15-20 baht. They sell papaya, pineapple, watermelon, red and yellow melon, and mango. These fruits are stored in special glass containers with ice, so that their refreshing taste is just what you need in the heat. They are served with a special fruit sugar of pink and red color in small packages. When you open it, “pop” a fruit in it and you try it and it seems sweet, but then you can taste some spiciness.  It has a very interesting taste to it. Even I like it despite my dislike of spicy food.

7 Eleven7 Eleven

In general, Thai food is very diverse. And you don’t need to worry that it won’t be good for you or your children. Everything is very nutritious and tasty!

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