The best gift for kids in Bangkok. Let them dig it out

Recently we have been extremely lucky to find some really nice toy for our kids which kept them busy and excited for quite a while. We saw some “Dig it out” toys in one of the stalls in the local shopping mall, which offered a number of similar kits. We have not tried anything like that before, so it caught our attention.

It appeared to be a set for the young anthropologists which included a hammer, a shovel and an egg made of gypsum with a dinosaur inside. Part of the dinosaur’s skeleton was visible, so kids were excited about digging the whole prehistoric creature out. They could not wait to get home and work on their excavations.

Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg

Both of our kids, 4 and 9 years old, were equally excited to open the toy and start digging the dinosaur out. It took about 15 minutes of diligent work and hot anticipation to finally get that dinosaur out. Kids took turns to use the hammer and the special shovel to help the dinosaur get rid of gypsum which covered its body. When the finally got it out they still wanted to break the rest of the egg to make sure there was nothing left inside. The whole process seemed to be very captivating. Kids had a great time and they were eager to try more “Dig it out toys”. We would give this educational set the highest mark. The mark on the packaging said the toy can be used by kids older than 3, which seems to be pretty logical, taking into account the peculiarities of the dinosaur. The toy cost just 79 baht and the shop offered a promotion “Buy 2 for 99 baht”. We should have used it, but we took another set – the “Mining Diamond”, since our girl is really into all those diamonds and crystals. So, she was really thrilled, and together with her big brother dug three magic diamonds of different shapes and colors.

So, these toys turned out to be a great pleasure for kids, they are fun, entertaining and also educational. This anthropological mission made our day. Way to go, little anthropologists  🙂

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