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Welcome to our website! Let’s get acquainted – we are a family from Ukraine. We have two children, and at the time of our first “big” trip our son was 8 years old, and our daughter was 2 years and 10 months.

We have been dreaming of visiting Thailand for a long time, but when our daughter was younger, we were afraid to make our dreams come true. We were concerned about acclimation, a long flight, etc. However, the concerns were unfounded, because having arrived in Thailand;, we were very surprised with the number of European and American families with young children here. Even on the plane we met a family with a seven month old child. In the Bangkok parks you can find many kids aged between one and seven, who are definitely enjoying themselves as their parents are. So, now, we believe that it is not necessary to be afraid of coming here with small visitors. If you have a strong desire to visit Thailand, plan your trip and feel free to come here with your kids.

We decided to create this blog to share our impressions from our stay in Thailand, as well as to help people who are going, or have plans to travel around the country with children. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, we are ready to tell about our experience, happy moments and the difficulties that may be encountered while travelling.

We decided to stay in Bangkok. Perhaps in the future, we will decide to visit other cities of Thailand, but at the moment the capital attracts us with a lot of opportunities. Of course, the rhythm of life here is crazy, and at the airport you immediately feel a tremendous change. A huge number of cars, taxis and bikes, bright signs, wide highways, palm trees, the noise and the scorching sun –this is the way Bangkok welcomes us. And we want to quickly plunge into this new life, to learn more about local traditions and culture, to be a part of this colourful and exciting world. Despite the fatigue after the flight, we were still extremely happy, because finally our dream has come true. We are here, in the city of smiles! And our hearts already beat in unison with the heart and soul of thislarge and beautiful city, and we are ready for the greatest adventure of our lives.


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